Learn About Purchase and Lease Offers at Napoli Kia


Here at Napoli Kia, our selection of new vehicles gives you quite a lot of choices. While it's a tough decision to narrow them down we're sure you're going to find the right one that you need, and when you do you have another decision. Do you lease or do you buy? We're here to help drivers decide in Milford, CT along with areas like New Haven and Bridgeport when you come visit our showroom!

Say you've found your right match and it's the Kia Sorento or you're going with a sporty option like the Kia Stinger. If you decide to lease, you're able to get a monthly payment that many times can be less than when you purchase and you can put less money down. You're paying on the percentage of the vehicle's agreed cost over a set period of time, generally three to four years. As you make those payments, you also have to adhere to wear and use guidelines which means taking good care of the vehicle in terms of service, not altering anything drastically on it, and keeping within the mileage restrictions, which for most drivers is very doable, given it's around 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year on average if you do out the math over the lease terms. Leasing also gives you flexibility as you can bring the vehicle in to get a new lease on a brand new Kia when you're finished, or if you like your current ride, buy out the current lease at its remaining residual value. You can also choose to go in a different direction; you have the freedom.

When you decide to buy the Stinger or Sorento, you're agreeing on the purchase cost and using a down payment, trade-in, or both plus a car loan that you've secured with the help of our finance team or through your own bank or credit union. You're then making payments each month toward paying off the auto loan on your vehicle based on the terms you've chosen. Once you've paid off the loan, you have no more payments and you fully own the vehicle. Buying is a standout option for people who know they're going to have the vehicle long term, plus if you want to make any alterations with add on parts and accessories, you can.

We're here to help you even more, and with many different new Kia specials available here in our showroom serving Hamden, Danbury and Fairfield, we're sure you'll find the right choice. Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about lease offers and specials so we can help you get behind the wheel of a new model at Napoli Kia today.

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