Drive a New Kia Car Home for Less -- Shop Our Dealership in Milford, CT!

On the road to that next new Kia? Not sure you're ready to own yet? We get it. One day, you're on the 9-to-5 commute out to Bridgeport CT. The next, you're planning a weekend road trip to New Haven. You love a weekend coastal Connecticut getaway, and on the off chance you get the opportunity to go on vacation, away from it all out in nature, just past Hamden, you take it. There's also transporting your family and friends to consider.

In short, what you need in a new car change often. Moreover, what you'd like in one can change with those needs. There's that, and the fact you just plain love to check out what's new without committing to this or that sedan or hatchback.

Do these hypotheticals describe you? If so, then leasing a new Kia here in Milford may be just right for you. Luckily, Napoli Kia makes doing so easier than ever, with a host of special Kia lease offers for many of the new Kia cars in our lineup. But why lease a new Kia? We can think of three good reasons.

  • A lease agreement is temporary, lasting a short term of 36 months or a few years. This enables you to get behind the wheel of a new car as what you prefer, your tastes, and perhaps even your driving style change. Love your Kia Forte but planning on upgrading to a Kia Optima to make more room for a growing family? Kia leasing can help make that dream reality a lot more easily.
  • Both your down and monthly payments can be lower when you lease. This is because you only pay down your Kia as it depreciates normally. You don't, in this case, pay down its total cost. That means you can drive a new Kia Rio hatchback, Kia Soul crossover, or Kia Stinger sports sedan for less overall.
  • You'll have to observe wear and tear, mileage, and a few other agreement clauses, such as lease-end fees and lease-termination stipulations. However, they're usually flexible, designed with you in mind. Therefore, you can often find them more cost-effective for the long haul.

Eager to step into the driver's seat? Our auto financing department and its car lease specialists can help. You can apply for one directly by filling out a quick and easy form here on our website, but if you want to get a feel for what to expect cost-wise, take advantage of our streamlined Napoli Express Purchase tool. Choose the leasing option, select any applicable special lease offers, specify your preferred down payment, estimate your credit score for us, decide what repayment terms and mileage are ideal for your situation, and estimate the value of a potential trade. The result: an instant monthly payment quote. Easy, right?

Be sure to browse our inventory and avail yourself of one of our many special lease offers while you can. If you have any concerns or questions, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop by and talk shop in person. We look forward to meeting you!

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