The battery of your Kia or used car should offer a lifespan of around four to six years, and routine battery maintenance helps you preserve the charge for as long as possible. When you schedule a maintenance appointment for battery replacement or electrical maintenance through our service center at Napoli Kia in Milford, CT, you enjoy satisfaction from our Kia-certified technicians who know exactly how to maintain a battery and the electrical systems of your car, in order to preserve its long lifespan. Let us talk to you a minute about the importance of fall battery service and replacement here at Napoli Kuia in Milford, CT; located less than an hour outside of Danbury.

What to Know About the Fall and Winter

Now that we recently entered the fall season, scheduling a service appointment for fall battery service and replacement stands as an important procedure to prepare your new Kia or used car for winters around New Haven. The cold temperatures of late fall and winter cause your battery and electrical systems to work overtime in order to keep the heat running and other electrical systems in line. Our technicians know all of the best ways to preserve the long lifespan of your car battery by keeping its electrolyte balance fresh and its housing free from corrosion/dirt. However, if you drove your new Kia or used car around Fairfield, CT more often this year, or your battery reaches its lifespan's end, you should keep total replacement in mind to prevent emergency shutdowns outside of Hamden.

Keep these important symptoms of a bad car battery in mind as you commute:

  • Car slow to start, engine stalls
  • Ineffective headlight strength
  • Engine clicks, but fails to start
  • "Battery" or "Check Engine" dashboard lights
  • Heavy corrosion or film around the battery itself

Schedule a Battery Service Today in Milford

Whether you think your battery needs maintenance, or you must replace the battery immediately, one of the best destinations for you is here at Napoli Kia, located less than a 15-minute drive outside of Bridgeport. You may schedule a service appointment and order new batteries or other electrical components online through our parts center. We hope to hear from you soon!