When the brake system of your new Kia or used car requires maintenance or replacement parts, schedule an appointment and come see us at Napoli Kia in Milford, CT at our on-site service center. While a great many complex parts make up the brake system of your new or used car, the pads themselves will require replacement after about 50,000 miles maximum. However, routine maintenance of all parts will ensure the system provides adequate stopping power for as long as possible. Before the winter time arrives in Connecticut, schedule a maintenance appointment for fall brake service and replacement here at Napoli Kia in Milford, CT; located just 15 minutes outside Fairfield, CT.

What to Keep in Mind Moving Forward

While the odometer of your new Kia or used car near New Haven, CT might not have reached 50,000 miles, the brakes of your new or used car will undergo a bit more wear in the cold months than during summer seasons. Most drivers end up using the brakes for quick stopping and slowing power on the slippery winter roads in Bridgeport, whether they would like to or not, leading to more depreciation of brake parts and quicker depletion of brake fluid. As the autumn months approach us, scheduling a service appointment or ordering new brake pads through our parts center might represent a crucial component of getting your car in-shape for the winter months.

Our parts center comes stocked with genuine Kia brake pads, rotors, approved fluid and more, while our technicians carry full Kia certification and can inspect/maintain your brakes with the greatest of care. They may also suggest ways in which you can preserve your brakes and their longevity when you come in for fall brake service near Danbury, CT. In case you remain unaware whether your brakes require service, check out all of these important signs your brakes may need replacement parts:

  • Excessive squealing, screeching, wobbling, or vibrating when brakes engaged
  • Brake pad spongy to touch
  • "Check Engine," "Brake," or "ABS" dashboard lights activate
  • Burning smell coming from wheels
  • Brake fluid leaks around wheels/undercarriage

Schedule Fall Brake Service Today

Now that the fall months are upon us, schedule your new Kia or used car for a brake service appointment today here at Napoli Kia, located less than 25 minutes outside Hamden at 241 Boston Post Rd in Milford, CT. We look forward to meeting with you!