Heard a strange noise on the highway this morning? See a mysterious light pop up on your dashboard? Feel a vibration that wasn't there before? A million things can happen that are cause for concern when you're a responsible vehicle owner. Sometimes even those drivers that adhere to a strict service schedule and keep tabs on their oil changes get stumped and worried when braking suddenly feels less responsive, or lights start illuminating up your dash. Don't worry, your local Napoli Kia dealership is here to help you identify the problem, and fix it for you too if need be.

Basic Signs Your Car Needs Service

Every vehicle has several moving parts, and sometimes, one pothole can set things out of balance. If you're experiencing an issue, it's first important to check your dashboard for lights. If you don't know what a specific light means, check the user manual, and move forward with action regarding the problem. Regardless of whether it seems like something routine or something more complicated, it's important to call a professional in all scenarios.

The mechanics here at Napoli Kia are here to help you, and with our deep commitment to our customers and our community, we take calls for free. We'd be more than happy to help you solve or troubleshoot the problem yourself, but sometimes, simply visiting the dealership is even easier.

Place Your Trust in Our Expert Mechanics

Our service center experts are just a phone call away, and if you think you have a frequently asked question, we have the online resources to help you. If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to make a service appointment using our easy to navigate online tools. We're always here to help here at Napoli Kia, no matter how big or small you think the issue is.

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