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Everything You Need To Know About Buying And Leasing Cars In Milford, CT

Napoli Kia Buy vs Lease

When you're looking for a new Kia vehicle, the different vehicle options can get pretty overwhelming. Forget about financing options! Some people give up and wait as long as they can.

However, you don't have to do that anymore because we have the answers you need. We've included everything you need to know about buying and leasing cars in Milford, Connecticut.

If you're still lost after reading this article, our finance team will gladly help you out! Until then,

  1. Will a car lease help my credit? The short answer is yes. Leasing a car helps boost your credit by providing you with a payment history. The catch is that you always have to pay your bill on top. You don't want history; you want a positive history. A lease is just like an auto loan, except it's shorter.
  2. Is it worth it to lease a car? It can be worth it to lease a car if you often travel or have a very short commute. If you enjoy driving new vehicles without the hassle of trading in your current ride, then a lease is a great option. Leasing is best for people who enjoy short-term commitments and the newest models.
  3. What month is the best month to buy a car? There are a few months out of the year that ensure that buying a car is worth it. Try looking for a vehicle around the end of the model season, which can occur during the end of summer toward early fall. If you shop around August or early September, you should get a decent deal.
  4. When is leasing a car better than buying? Leasing a car is generally better than buying if you know that you're not looking to pass it on or if you can meet the sometimes strict mileage requirements that come with leases.
  5. What is the process of buying a car? Shop online and browse various research pages. Get the VIN and general information, input the value on NADA's website for the price. Apply for financing and hope for a pre-approval, as it will save you time at the dealership. Test drive the vehicle and make an offer based off of the market value, then enjoy your new vehicle.
  6. Is it cheaper to buy or lease a car? It can be cheaper to lease a vehicle if you take care of the car and do not go over the mileage requirements. You will be charged a specific amount for each mile you go over during term as well as for wear and tear. If you take great care of your things and don't need to drive all that much, you'll benefit from a lease's lower monthly payments and down payment options.

If you still have questions about buying vs. leasing in the Milford, CT area, contact our Kia professionals.

We have alternative financing options and plenty of new and used Kia cars to choose from.

Let us help you make this decision. In the meantime, use our toll below and see what option seems like a fit.

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