For a minivan that brings everything you need in your car to class at affordable prices, check out the Kia Carnival 2021. You are sure to get the Carnival at Napoli Kia when you visit us in Milford, CT. We provide amazing vehicles that serve their purpose, with every drive being an adventure of its own. We offer both new and used cars of different models with different features as desired by our customers. But we know you won't find anything else, like this sensational minivan. Come see what the Kia Carnival has in store for you.

The Kia Carnival is one family vehicle you must check out. The minivan comes with an amazing interior that surely brings an atmosphere rare to other minivans. It is suited with comfortable, exquisite seats that come in the best material to ensure the classy look maintain for a long time. The comfort gets magnified by the automation that comes with the inbuilt system featuring its infotainment and entertainment systems

Kia Carnival comes with a spacious cabin that ensures the comfort of as many as eight riders on your quest through New Haven. It also comes with a large trunk that can fit a bicycle to satisfy all kinds of family adventures. It also fits child seats to complete the minivan's quest as the ultimate family minivan. Its automated sliding side door comes designed to provide more cargo space and improve Carnival's exterior design. It gives it a unique touch and combines with Kia's ancient nature to bring the best out of the minivan.

The Kia Carnival 2022, the improved version of the Carnival 2021, leaves nothing to chance. It comes with all features of its previous version and takes it to the next level. With new features coming to place, the vehicle is easier to use and provides an automated, technologized system ensuring occupants move with the new wave of technology across the globe.

The Kia Carnival comes with voice recognition enabling second-row passengers to control some in-vehicle features without struggling physically. A dual-screen entertainment system allows occupants to watch videos on Netflix and YouTube. It includes wireless Apple and Android device screen mirroring. An infotainment system comes with an eight-inch screen set at a genuinely strategic position to enable the driver to navigate the system while eyes are still on the road.

The technological features are for entertainment and provide safety for the occupants, pedestrians, and other motorists. Drive-assist features are also present to make it easy for the driver to navigate the busy city. The features include a front and rear emergency braking system, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning with lane assist, blind-spot warning, and automatic high beam highlights.

With everything set, the most important part of the Kia Carnival is one to look out for. The powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine provides the amount of power, speed, and handling that one needs to make each New Haven adventure one to remember. The incredible 290 horsepower with eight-speed automatic transmission enables smooth gear shifts, making it natural without straining signs. Steering is easy and directly reacts to motion, with the minivan having minimal body leaning when navigating through corners. The vehicle's tires allows them to absorb all discomfort that comes with rough terrain.

With the vehicle in the market at affordable prices at Napoli Kia in Milford, CT, you are free to check out its inventory on our Kia Carnivore website, where we provided all features and prices for the minivan models. You will also get prompted to fill out an interest form with pre-order sale options that will ensure you get amazing deals that will leave you smiling while you drive off behind the wheels of your dream family minivan.

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